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Autographed bank notes have star quality

Antique Collecting

A collection of more than 100 celebrity autographs collected on bank notes by London taxi drivers is expected to fetch The post Autographed bank notes have star quality appeared first on Antique Collecting.

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New water quality technology makes its debut in Buzzards Bay


The Buzzards Bay Coalition is experimenting with a new system, where technology is used to continuously test the water rather than volunteers testing every five days. It means fewer data gaps and less human error, but it also means volunteers are a smaller part of the process.

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"How to Obtain Quality Art and Antique Appraisals" Article Published on Home Transition Pros

Artifactual History Appraisal

This process often prompts questions about the art and antiques in a home, and my article focused on “How to Obtain Quality Art & Antique Appraisals” to help guide readers who find themselves in need of an appraisal. You can read the entire article and learn more about Home Transition Pros and their services at [link]

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How to Buy a Quality Diamond


Buying a quality diamond begins with 3Cs—not 4. Cut, clarity and color all determine diamond quality, but carat doesn’t. After all, size doesn’t affect quality. In this blog we’ll cover: What Affects Diamond Quality? What is Diamond Shape Quality? What is Diamond Cut Quality? What is Diamond Cut Quality?

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‘Iron fist in a velvet glove’: Detroit public sculpture tracks air quality and cleans the polluted environment

The Art Newspaper

A new regenerative installation by Jordan Weber raises awareness of environmental racism

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Never Sacrifice Quality in the Name of Efficiency

The Appraiser Coach

There are no magic beans or secret sauce that you can use to suddenly make your life better. It’s actually about little tweaks; it’s a bunch of little things that. Read More.

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Nigel Norman: I am fussy about what I buy. It has to be quality

Grays Antiques

It has to be quality. I care about quality, condition and wearability. My priority is good quality. They are exquisite in terms of the quality of the design and superb in craftsmanship. What qualities are you looking for when buying antique jewellery? It is because, I am fussy about what I buy. Yes, that’s right.

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