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Identification of the Appraiser’s “Client”

Appraisal Course Associates

Identification of the Appraiser’s “Client” (by Dave Maloney) Critical to proper appraisal problem identification as well as to the proper establishment and maintenance of the all-important appraiser-client relationship is the identification of which party is the appraiser’s “client.”

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Understanding Gemological Reports for Jewelry Appraisal

Gemology Resources

This detailed essay encompasses the diamond’s identification, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight—four critical factors known as the "Four Cs" or a colored gemstone's identification, treatment, or lack of treatment all of which can greatly influence a gemstone's value.

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3 Expert Tips when Reselling Ceramics

Dr. Lori Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser

Learn how to spot the fakes, the terms insiders use which can help with listings and the identification secrets you can use when shopping too. Use these expert tips when reselling popular ceramics like Royal Doulton, Belleek, Van Briggle and many others.

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What Does An Appraiser Do, Anyway?

Penrose Appraisals

Identification. In some cases, positive identification may require the opinion of a recognized expert who may or may not be the appraiser. Even after many years, it is simply not possible to keep prices for anything and everything in our heads, ready to be quoted at a moment's notice. So, how do they do that? What is it made of?

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Tips for Researching Your Thrift Store’s Glass


The designs in the glass are a great starting point for identification. Whether the item’s mark has worn away over the years or was never there to begin with, the absence of this crucial data point makes an already daunting category that much trickier. But, on this shopping trip, I found my curiosity getting the better of me.

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Estate Jewelry: Assessing Value, Finding Buyers, and Maximizing Profit

Antique Appraisers Auctioneers

This comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights into estate jewelry appraisal, buyer identification, and strategies for maximizing profitability. Whether you’ve inherited estate jewelry from a loved one or acquired it yourself, understanding its true worth and how to effectively sell it is paramount.

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The Essential Guide to Jewelry Appraisal and Insurance

Buckhead Jewelry Appraisers

The appraiser should have these credentials: Certified GIA-trained gemologist GIA-accredited jewelry professional Knowledgeable in gem identification, grading, and evaluation Significant years of experience in jewelry appraisal A qualified jewelry appraiser ensures your item is assessed with precision and in accordance with industry standards.